Boost Your Business Event – Encounters & Creativity

In 2018 Boost Your Business Event will come back bolder, bigger and even more entertaining than ever before!

Get ready to experience sales with all your senses, go to your discomfort zone in style and pitch your way to the glory in our very own #PitchPlease! competition where only the best of the best will win amazing awards and be named the queen/king of Pitching!

Boost Your Business Event is your place if you want to get better at sales, network with interesting enthusiastic people, get to know what needs to be known about entrepreneurship and learn new things in an exciting way. High-quality keynotes, top-notch workshops, almost-too-exciting pitching contest, mentoring clinic, partners in crime – We got it all and even more in Boost Your Business Event 2018!

Boost Your Business Event wants to help Creative Minds and Business Bosses join forces and learn from each other. We want to offer sales education in a way that helps people in Design, Arts and other creative fields to get that much needed confidence and be able to close the deal. And we want to give ”white-collar workers” the keys to unlock their creativity and shine in sales in a new way. Our humble goal is to broaden the horizon of Sales and destroy bad stereotypes surrounding sales work. Join us now and unlock your sleeping sales potential in Boost Your Business Event!

Boost Your Business Event 12.10.2018 in Clarion hotel Helsinki powered by PuskaPromotion and Keskuspuiston Nuorkauppakamari – Helsinki ry.
BYB 2018 is the official pre-event of JCI Finland´s biggest annual event kansallinen Vaalikokous.

Want to become a partner company in Boost Your Business Event? Please contact: - p. +358443209530


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