Pitching Contest

In the contest #PitchPlease! competitors try to convince the jury with their pitches about their business ideas. The contestants throw a pitch with witty, clever and spot on information about why their idea is the best and why should they be rewarded.


#PitchPlease! 2016 Winners:

Pieni Pala Unelmaa

#PitchPlease! 2016 Contestants:

FindR365, Sunraha Oy, Panda Training Oy, Falconet Systems Oy, Rundit, ArcticStartup, Vilike, TwoDads, Oupet. Pieni Pala Unelmaa & Mone


#PitchPlease! 2016 Jury:

Finnvera, Mesenaatti, PRH, Ekonomikoulu